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We are not only designing and bringing our very own website to the public, we are simultaneously putting all our inventory on a POS system.  Go Big or Go Home - right?!  

At first, I wanted to get kits online and selling right away!  I was so excited.  I picked out threads and started to take pictures.  I was ready to upload our first couple and then slowed down.  I needed to input all the "parts" of our kits before we could sell them. 

Starting with THREADS!  One of the best parts of Barbara's Needlepoint?  The amazing selection of threads.  One of the most time consuming parts of inputting inventory?  The amazing selection of threads.  So last week and this week I'm inputting threads to our new POS system - brand by brand, color by color, braid number by braid number.  The dangerous part? - I have WAY too much fun reading all the delightful names and seeing all the colors dancing on the screen.  

What's YOUR favorite thread line?


  • Hello Barbara,
    I am looking for a needlepoint kit for a sheepadoodle dog collar. Can you help?
    I am not a Facebook user, so when i stumbled on your FB page, i looked up your website. (I signed up for FB before i retired so that i could see how a program i managed looked on FB – no other FB experience).
    Thank you.

  • Looking forward to seeing the website and all of the beautiful canvases and threads.

    Patricia Forum
  • Looking forward to seeing the website and all of the beautiful canvases and threads.

    Patricia Forum
  • Do you have any Kirk Bradley Christmas ornaments? I have a few I am interested in. Diane from the Flying Needles referred me to you!

    Susan M Freilich
  • Silk and Ivory, the colors,how wonderful to stitch with it, started many many years ago with DMC tapestry and Paternayan Persian, but Persian does not always lay flat. Ordered dmc #5 for 18ct, have not used much silk though got that with 2 canvases didn’t start yet, love anchor wool and appleton, ordered from England. Have quite a few canvases waiting for me, vision not great, need cataract surgery , hard to read too, frustrating, especially since home because of this devastating virus. And recovering from aortic aneurysm open heart surgery on Dec, 7th, 2017, hard recovery then one thing after another, so bern a very hard three years, love florals, waiting for JP needlepoints siamese cat face, loved it immediately, and working on Jean smiths standing pink Fat Cat needlepoint, makes me smile and coming out nicely with silk and ivory. Soft colors. I see lots of silk snd I or in your picture on this post, so pretty. I have so much here, need to get busy. Sincerely, Marianne

    Marianne C. Whitman

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