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Barbara's Needlepoint Website - this is just the beginning.

Posted by Megan Pederson on


Hi all - my name is Megan.  I was in store doing computer and Facebook work for a little over a year before COVID hit and my other businesses were turned upside down.  My husband and I are entrepreneurs and working at Barbara's Needlepoint was a bright spot in my weeks where I was surrounded by women, creativity, color and fiber! In April last year, I had to focus solely on our family businesses and my kids who were now at home.  Fast forward to October.  Our businesses are a little more manageable and Barbara has exciting news for the store.  They are moving to a bigger space... and would I like to be a part of it.  My answer was YES right away.  

My first order of business - www.barbarasneedlepoint.com.  We are building a website that will grow, morph and change as we hear what existing clients, new needlepointers and long time enthusiasts need and want!  We will start with kits featuring our local canvas designers with thread selection from the Barbara's team and go from there.  And we're bringing you all along for the ride!  

I'll pop in a couple times a week and let you know what part of the website puzzle I'm working on.  


  • Small business is the life blood of this country. Thank you!

    Heather Samuel on

  • Looking forward to any information you pass on to your customers.
    Thank you

    Judith Ball on

  • Sounds exciting .. looking forward to reading more , we can all continue to learn .for all of us who love needlepoint , stitching for years I love the new interest ans growth in style , canvas designs ,finishing , keeping are minds in fast forward to the next project . For the many of us with out a LNS on line , newsletters ,shop interaction is great as we are all learning different .

    Cassandra langdon on

  • I have a completed vodka bottle canvas and would like it as a stand up. Do you finish stand ups? Your work looks beautiful!

    Joanne Bagley on

  • It looks fantastic! I am so excited.

    Julianne Versnel on

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