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Finishing Services and Deadlines

Barbara started finishing needlepoint pieces in her home 20 plus years ago.  Since then, she has been finishing, and teaching her staff to finish, and is arguably the best in the business.    If you are interested in sending finishing into the store please make sure to include the following ... your finished canvas(canvases), your contact information including your name, address, phone number and email, embroidery instructions (if any), other specifics you would like communicated.  When we receive your finishing at the shop we will call and let you know.  We will reach out again as your project is closer to getting started to discuss fabric and other treasures!

And now - deadlines...

Thank you for choosing Barbara’s for your finishing. To clearly communicate expectations we have set deadlines for each Holiday for finishing. If your finishing piece is in BEFORE the Holiday deadline, you will have it by the intended Holiday. If your pieces come in after the Holiday deadline they go right into our que and will be finished in as timely manner as possible. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Valentines Day Deadline - November 1st

Easter Deadline - January 2

July 4th Deadline - March 15

Halloween Deadline June 15

Thanksgiving Deadline - July 1st

Christmas Deadline - July 15th



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