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Witch Stand Up CLUB! - Sign Up and Deposit

Regular price $150.00

Join us!  Our local designer, Cindy, has knocked it out of the park!  She designed these 4 witches in a dome shape for a unique finished stand-up!  Her daughter, Beth, paints all of the canvases.  The detail is incredible.  The one and only Carolyn Hedge Baird has written the stitch guides - you know they are SO UNIQUE!    We have all 4 canvases highlighted here and a finished "Witch #1" for you to see.  This deposit of $150 will go towards your first canvas and threads to get you started.

We will have kit totals as we get stitch guides in-store and threads pulled.  We expect a range of $325 - $375 per kit.  There will be 4 total.  Since they are very detailed, we will ship every other month.  You will be emailed an invoice as kits are put together.   We will send the first kit in November.

One more perk!  Each month we ship a canvas we will set up a FB live hour with Barbara to talk about the canvas and reflect on Carolyn's guide as well.  We will put a private FB group together for all in the club.  HOW FUN!!