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Needlepoint 201 with David Schaff June 27, 2024

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Join David on Thursday evening, June 27, 2024 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Take your needlepoint project to the next level, by adding some unique & simple stitches. 

This class will concentrate on applying simple needlepoint stitches, other than basketweave, to your needlepoint project.  These stitches will be simple and not complex and will enhance your artwork.

Please bring a canvas you would like some needlepoint stitches on.  Perhaps a canvas, that is not super complex or with only tiny painted areas, focusing more with a design which has a tree, building, Santa, sky, land area or animal.  I would love to pick out a thread(s) to use for the stitch(es) and give my thoughts.

I look forward to helping you expand your needlepoint repertoire.  Thank you, David