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Current Clubs, Classes and Retreats

We will keep a list of OPEN clubs, classes and retreats.  Once something fills we will take it off the site as to not tempt you.  

Needlepoint 101 Class

We will offer our Needlepoint 101 Classes as often as we can!  We use our "Critter Kits" to teach the basics of getting started in needlepoint!  The canvases enable us to show you how to start, how to stitch, how to stitch a curve, how to change threads and more!  Bonus - you end up with a FABULOUS first stitched piece! 

You get to pick from a VARIETY of critter options, this is just a sample! We have chicks, bunnies, sheep and ducks! 

Watch this page for the next scheduled class.

Needlepoint 201 Class

Take your needlepoint project to the next level, by adding some unique & simple stitches with our very own David Schaff!

This class will concentrate on applying simple needlepoint stitches, other than, basketweave, to your needlepoint project. These stitches will be simple and not complex and will enhance your artwork.

Please bring a canvas you would like some needlepoint stitches on. Perhaps a canvas, that is not super complex or with only tiny painted areas, focusing more with a design which has a tree, building, Santa, sky, land area or animal. I would love to pick out a thread(s) to use for the stitch(es) and give my thoughts - David Schaff.

June 22, 2021 6:00 - 8:00 pm - Click Here to see more and register!



Our infamous annual retreat is back on!  We are so excited to see your faces and stitch together.
Carolyn Hedge Baird will hold her day long workshops on Tuesday the 28th of September, Wednesday the 29th and Saturday, October 2nd.  
Thursday, September 30th - Friday, October 1st we will run our Fall Retreat.  Check back often to find out more about the pieces the following teachers will be teaching - Barbara Riley, Carolyn Hedge Baird, David Schaff, Diane Colitz, Helen Owens, Sandy Slunecka, Kim Hayes and Lisa Abrams.   Click Here for pictures, dimensions of the class projects and pricing!