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Merry Needlepoint

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"I named my book, "Merry Needlepoint", because I feel merry when I needlepoint.  Merry, as defined in the Random House Dictionary means "full of cheerfulness or gaiety, joyous in disposition or spirit".   I want this book to reflect my passion and joy for needlepoint.  Stitching is so rewarding and creative. A stitcher by no means has to create a perfect piece of art.  To enjoy stitching without worrying about rules and techniques can free one's spirit and increase self confidence.  Feel merry when you needlepoint.  I hope this book helps!"

This book includes the following types of stitches - small stitches, backgrounds, laid fillings, darning patterns for backgrounds, merry checks, border stitches, silk ribbon embroidery, details, lettering, merry embellishments, stitching records and more inspirational books.